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Dr. med. Sheila de Liz

You can be certain that I have special expertise in women’s health and gynecological issues. Here are just a few areas where I offer specialized expertise and knowledge that you might like to know about: Going through menopause as healthy, happy and fit as possible / Sexuality at any age / What to do about pain during sex? / Hormone imbalance and balance / Bioidentical hormone therapy / Vaginal health (problems including vaginal pain and irritation) / Laser Therapy (“MonaLisa Touch”) / Lichen sclerosis / Pregnancy / Contraception / Cancer prevention. As you can tell, there is a wide range of topics that we can talk about either in English or German (I speak both fluently). Women’s health is my heartfelt passion, and I would be honored and delighted to accompany you on your journey to your best and happiest self.