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Here at our Hormone Online Clinic we want to provide you with the best holistic advice. We are available for you at any time should any questions or issues arise. Additionally, we would like to recommend the following books that will help you better understand and love your amazing, remarkable female body:

Woman on Fire

Hot flashes. Weight gain. Mood swings. Nearly even woman is concerned about menopause. Yet, the common picture that has been painted of menopause is irredeemably outdated and, quite frankly, often untrue. It desperately needs a makeover. Many women continue to suffer unnecessarily because they think they just need to “suffer through it”. However, once the problems have been correctly identified it’s relatively easy to take the right steps to significantly improve our health and wellbeing, and feel strong, confident and sexy for the rest of our lives.  Our book, “Woman on Fire” (Rowohlt, 2020), is a Top 5 Bestseller in three countries that can help you achieve just that.

On Fire

Menopause is a time of changes; a time of introspection to pause and listen to yourself and your real needs. We need to be aware of our monthly cycle, how we are really feeling, how we are sleeping, whether we feel fit and healthy, how are our moods, how is our weight, how is our confidence. Our daily menopause journal,  “On Fire”, offers our patients the opportunity to document their symptoms and hormone values, as well as providing an ideal basis for their next consultation and optimizing a personal therapy plan. It also provides a space for personal clarity where we can crystallize our own thoughts and emotions.

Lips Unsealed

Our book “Lips Unsealed – Everything about Your Amazing Female Body” (Rowohlt, 2019) was a Top 5 Bestseller in three countries. Dr. Sheila’s mission is to help initiate women into the wonderful “mysteries” of their own bodies in the most positive way conveying scientific facts in a clear, fun way that we all understand because should not only know their own bodies, but should be able to love and enjoy them. It’s time to do away with shame and myths – it’s time to for the plain and simple truth.

Girl on Fire

Dr. Sheila de Liz – better known to her millions of TikTok-viewers as “Doctor Sex” – explains everything that girls in puberty and their parents need to know. Including a foreword by Claudia Schiffer, this Top 10 Bestseller uniquely addresses one of the most defining and formative times in a girl’s life. Many women don’t like to remember their own turbulent years in puberty when our minds and bodies experience drastic changes, such as sudden mood swings ranging from extreme joy and elation to sudden sadness or depression. For today’s generation, this has been compounded by the rise of social media and a never before seen flood of influences that cause even more uncertainty than the massive hormonal changes already taking place. Enter our book »Girl on Fire«,  the slightly different sex education book. with a unique blend of humor, sensitivity, empathy and the courage to address even the most difficult topics.